I did everything you asked, hoping for absolution
I washed my hands in the blood of the victims of your envy
Madness descends upon all of us sometimes
But I’ve had enough, now I break free

This is the night I’ll turn away from you and
Wash away the sin of blindness
All the lies you’ve told are now meaningless and
Drip off my newly grown skin

I thought everything was my fault because I felt I wasn’t pure enough
And brought punishment to myself through my own remorse
The tears I shed cut through my skin
But the wounds have healed, I stand tall


I’ve lied, and I’ve sinned, and I’ve lost it all
All in your name, to become a saint
And be washed of all pain you inflicted on me
To make me believe blindly, I just had to open my eyes

Leaving your madness far behind…
All my suffering has gone away since I’ve cut you out of my life
And I have no regrets for the anger that you may feel towards me
Because I am human, after all