Finally, we can share some more information about the EP “Paint the World” with you!
The EP will be released on August 29th, and you will be able to order the CD through this website.
Pre-order start on August 5, and during the first five days, you will receive a discount of $5 on every order. The first 20 people who order any package will also receive a handwritten lyric sheet of one of the songs (the lyric sheets are sent out at random).
EVERY pre-order receives a download link to an instrumental version of the EP immediately after ordering.

Track list

  1. Far away
  2. Paint the World
  3. New Land
  4. Human after all
  5. Vastness of the Mind

The EP was recorded at Blue Door Studios and was tracked, mixed and mastered by Justin Bender in Regina, SK, Canada.
All songs were written by Hell Hounds and were produced by Hell Hounds and Justin Bender.

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